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Gong Seungyeon “We Got Married scripted? It’s 100% real

Although SBS drama Heard It Through The Grapevine (HITTG) has allowed her to take her first steps in the acting industry, it is MBC’s We Got Married (WGM) that allowed Gong Seungyeon to rise in popularity. It is a rarity for a rookie actress to be casted in the usually star-studded show, and even more so when Seungyeon’s name appeared as number one in various search engines.
In the recent interview with Xportsnews, Seungyeon talked about her experiences shooting WGM. “I didn’t expect to receive so much attention.” Seungyeon’s virtual husband, CNBLUE’s Lee Jonghyun, has showcased his manly “Busan Namja” image on various variety shows previously, but for Seungyeon, her initial image of him was the opposite. “The first time I met him I thought ‘He is so pale.’ His face was fair, and his thinking was very innocent/naive. Although he has a manly charm, but he can also be very cute and do aegyo. Although I can’t explain it fully, but he has a cute side which he only expresses to me.”

But WGM is not free from negative feedback, especially regarding whether the show was reality or scripted. Regarding this, Seungyeon explained, “There is no script at all. 100% real. The production team will ask us ‘What do you want to do today? Just do whatever you want to do.’ Even for what we do for our dates we will decide ourselves. Before I started WGM I thought it will be just a job, but in fact, after my first filming with Jonghyun both of us were really shocked and surprised.”

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Gong Seung Yeon revealed that she keeps in contact with her virtual husband who she is coupled with in WGM

In the interview with Sportstoday held on the 5th, GSY expressed that “even when we don’t film We Got Married (WGM), i keep in contact with Jong Hyun oppa”

Following GSY expressed “towards the drama I am in, he helps monitor, I also monitor his performance in the drama he is in. When I meet him, I will ask ‘What did you film today? How was it?’, we also talk a lot about topics related to performing.”

Just like that she revealed her special passion for performing, GSY after ending the SBS Monday-Tuesday Drama Heard It Through The Grapevine (HITTG) was immediately confirmed to be part of SBS’s Six Flying Dragons (SFD). GSY expressed that towards challenging the genre of a historical drama, “ I had originally wanted to try a historical drama. Of course I am a bit worried, but I am in the midst of learning” hinting that for her performance she is currently learning history.

Following GSY said, “During HITTG because I was working with such a good production team so 30 episodes felt short. This time although it is 50 episodes but it doesn’t feel very long. I am very happy to be able to be part of such a good production, and to be able to act up till next year i am very happy. I always thought that it would be good to be busy, not that I am very busy at this moment I feel very happy” expressing her passion towards performing.

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Gong Seung Yeon showed her exceptionally loving relationship with her sister Yoo Jung Yeon


In the drama “I Love Lee Tae-ri” when GSY first challenged performing, she wasn’t yet an actress but a trainee who had dreams of becoming a singer. Also, GSY had spent 7 years in SM entertainment as a trainee, where her name continuously appeared in the list of new girl group for debut.

In the interview with Sportstoday on the 5th, she expressed that “While being a trainee I had dreams of being both a singer and an actor. During the training period the emphasis is more towards preparing as a singer, the production ‘I Love Lee Tae-ri’ was when I acted for the first time and first had the thought, ‘I want to walk on the path as an actor’. In front of the cameras, under the lights, because I liked standing before the camera so my desire for performing also increased, so I turned to the path of an actor”

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Gong Seung Yeon “My real personality is different from Seo Neo-ri, towards the people I love I will support them unconditionally”


GSY caught the eye of the public with her serious performance playing the character of Seo Neo-ri in the Monday-Tuesday SBS drama Heard It Through The Grapevine (Scriptwriter: Jung Sung Joo; Director: Ahn Pan Seok). Although Seo Neo-ri was frowned upon by the audiences because of the way she was unabashedly ambitious, it also meant that GSY successfully portrayed the dynamism of her straightforwardness and passion.

But to think that GSY is the same as Seo Neo-ri in HTTG would be a mistake. After meeting her in person, we found that although GSY is passionate towards her work, with regards to love she wishes for pure love just like any other woman.

In the interview Sportstoday held with GSY on the 5th, she expressed that “In the drama Seo Neo-ri’s personality does not hesitate to express what she wants to say or desires, so whenever I am filming with seniors I hear, ‘Neo-ri ah, wake up!’ finding it regretful. I also think, ‘when would Neo-ri no longer pursue those good things, and find her own place?’ fortunately she found her place in the embrace of her family so its really good.

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Gong Seung Yeon “After Heard It Through The Grapevine ended, my desire to perform increased”


Gong Seung Yeon (real name: Yoo Seung-Yeon 22 Years old) is an actress whose name has been on the real time search search rankings in recent weeks. She stamped a strong impression upon viewers in the SBS drama “Heard It Through The Grapevine” (HITTG) that recently concluded its run, playing the role of Seo Neo-ri a character that while had a side that was materialistic had also a warm heart. She is also earning good reviews from the audience in MBC variety “We Got Married” (WGM) as a committed couple with high visuals.

On the afternoon of the 2nd, Kyunghyang News met with Gong Seung Yeon in Seoul. Having rushed over having ended HITTG filming at 7 am in the morning, she shared the happenings of that morning and topics like what she was before becoming an actor as well as the thoughts of Gong Seung Yeon now. Her story is now organized into 5 key words.

– Gayageum
As everyone knows, Gong Seung Yeon was a trainee from SM entertainment. She was first discovered by SM in the 6th grade of elementary school, and “gayageum” provided the opportunity. During the period she started to learn gayageum under her mother’s urging, she caught the eye of a SM related staff during a gayageum competition. She was on stage during the competition dressed in the traditional Korean costume, when a passing SM casting staff said, “take a picture of her”. This was Gong Seung Yeon’s memory with regards to the happenings of that day.

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