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Challenging a Saeguk with SBS’s Six Flying Dragon

Without a new face in the drama scene, she was as timely as rainfall. In the entertainment industry, she goes by the title of “discovered treasure after a long while”. She is Gong Seung Yeon (22 years old) who was part of the recently completed SBS drama “Heard It Through the Grapevine” (HIITTG) and WGM.

While being part of SBS’s highly anticipated end year historical drama, Six Flying Dragons (SFD), SY was added to the cast very early on, and is earning a lot of attention. But just 5 months ago, much less the name GSY, she was an unrecognized rookie, but now she has become “the most anticipated rookie of the year”.

“Its fascinating! I had once earnestly prayed that I would be able to get to work, and now when I walk on the streets, upon seeing me Ahjummas will say ‘Good job!’ and give me a lot of compliments, being recognized by the public makes me feel like my dream has come true”.

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`우결` 공승연 묘하게 설레
요즘 가장 주목받는 샛별 공승연. <풍문으로 들었소>에 이어 <육룡이 나르샤>로 새로운 도약을 준비 중인 그녀가 최근 관심사를 정성껏 담은 편지를 보내왔다.


1_화장대 속 ‘뷰티템’
“틴트 제품이 정말 많아요. 마음에 드는 틴트를 발견해서 하나를 사면 다른 색을 또 사고, 신제품이 나오면 또 사는 행동을 ‘무한 반복’하는 저를 발견했네요.”
비욘드 아쿠아 틴티드 루즈, 1만원;

2_자꾸 펼쳐 보게 되는 책
“[풍문으로 들었소]에서 제 삼촌으로 출연한 전석찬 선배가 <소년이 온다>라는 책을 선물해줬어요. 5·18 민주화 운동을
다룬 작품인데, 읽다 보니 가슴이먹먹해져서 잠시 책장을 덮어뒀어요.”
<소년이 온다>. 창비, 1만2천원;

3_잠들기 직전 나는…
“친한 친구에게 취침등을 선물 받았어요. 병정 인형 얼굴에서 은은한 불빛이 나오는데, 취침등을 켜놓고 ‘귀엽다’고 생각하다 보면 어느새 잠이 들어요.”
미스터 램프, 1만2천원;

4_여행을 떠난다면…
“TV를 보다 <꽃보다 할배> 팀이 잠시 머물렀던 두바이에 마음을 빼앗겼어요. 언젠가는 두바이의 음악 분수를 보면서 멋진 저녁 식사를 하고 싶어요.”

5_어릴 때부터 꿈꿔온 롤모델
“작품 속 이영애 선배님을 보며 연기뿐 아니라 다방면에서 품격 있는 배우가 되고 싶다는 꿈을 꾸었어요. 어린 시절 이영애 선배님을 닮았다는 ‘과분한’ 칭찬을 들으면서 저 혼자 환상을 키우기도 했고요.”

6_요즘 꽂힌 음악
“작년 여름에 뮤지컬 [위키드]를 관람했는데, 음악 때문에 공연을 몇 번 더 볼 정도로 푹 빠졌어요. 에너지를 충전하고 싶을 때 자주 듣는답니다.”

7_나만의 서머 룩
“심플하고 튀지 않는 스타일을 좋아해 여름엔 주로 티셔츠에 반바지를 입지만, 가끔 이국적인 보헤미안 스타일로 변화를 주고 싶어요.”
태슬 장식 슬리브리스 원피스. 써스데이 아일랜드,19만9천원; 02-3479-1539

출처 인스타일 2015년 7월호
photo 박가영
에디터 중앙 포토

[URBÄN ATTITUDE] issue no.24 with 공승연 Gong Seung Yeon

더운 열기가 사그라지지 않는 8월의 어느 날,
촬영을 앞두고 잠자리에 쉽게 들지 못하는 여배우의 모먼트.

A moment when an actress who cannot go to sleep
the day before shooting on an August night when the heat will not go away.

Model : Gong Seung Yeon
Editor : Lee Jae Eun, Han Hye Ji
Videographer : Kim Min Jung


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“Being a trainee for 7 years, will definitely not go to waste”


Through HITTG WGM 4 has become the most anticipated rookie
“My next work I play the role of an ambitious woman in the Joseon dynasty”

“My goal is to be an actor that is dependable”

We cannot leave out GSY if we were to talk about the most anticipated rookies of 2015. Big, clear light brown eyes and fair skin together with a charming voice, she possesses the physical appearance to draw people’s attention. But as we get deeper into the conversation, we were constantly drawn to her strong desire to perform. “ I don’t need other things, but my goal is just to be an actor that performs well”, being such a keen-witted newbie, she really deserves our attention.

Now GSY is having busy days as she had wished. Concluding SBS drama “Heard It Through The Grapevine” (HITTG) , she is scheduled after having passed the audition to be part of the upcoming October drama SBS Monday Tuesday “Six Flying Dragons” (SFD), while continuing their sweet virtual marriage in MBC variety program We Got Married Seasone 4 with CNBlue’s Lee Jong Hyun, various CFs and poster shootings are also incessantly coming.

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Gong Seung Yeon Interview with The Fact (1)

Posted by admin on
June 28th, 2015

Gong Seung Yeon, newbie with hidden qualifications. As a newbie, actress GSY’s appearance has shattered prejudices with true sincerity as demonstrated through her abundant views on acting.


WGM 4’s GSY “Because there is no script, it is fascinating”

Actress GSY (22) from her CV is shown to have entered her 3rd year since her public debut. It was only recently that she formally gained recognition from the public. Some people will have simultaneously with labels such as “newbie” and “one shot to fame”. But her one shot to fame had actually took a long time where she took step by step silently.

“They think that the reason why I came out of nowhere suddenly was because I had a background sponsor, and I had actually seen such comments. It was nothing like that. Up till now, I have gone through over 100 competitive auditions, to be able to be selected in SBS’s HITTG and MBC’s WGM. I had also spent a long time as a trainee, so it is not the case that it is a “one shot to fame”.

Unpretentious, keen-witted charm was the reason why GSY passed the audition for SBS’s HITTG, with her voice and obvious charm.

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