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Bangkok Film by Gong Seung Yeon

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June 30th, 2018

BH Entertainment [Instagram] Bangkok Film by Gong Seung Yeon Watch her filming every part of Bangkok using (waterproof) disposable One Time Use Camera

Gong Seung Yeon – VLOG with disposable One Time Use Camera ‘Seung Yeon Bangkok Film” #1_AngkorWat #KhaosanRoad

[ENG SUB]Gong Seung Yeon(공승연)-일회용 카메라에 담은 그녀의 감성 VLOG ‘승연이의 방콕필름’ #1_왓 쁘라깨오, 까오산

[공승연]감성 사진 가득, 승연이의 방콕필름

Source: BH Ent Naver Page

Gong Seung Yeon & Song Yoo Jung (u_jjooung) went to volunteer at the Anseong Pyeonggang Animal Shelter & also presented animal food which was donated by her fans & Natural Balance to the shelter.

The Animal Food (Dog Food) was actually from the Honeybear Fan Cafe “AYHT” Drama Press Conference donation

Source: sada1213 Blog Naver

di_baik update – Gong Seung Yeon went to an animal shelter in Anseong and volunteered for 5 hours there.
The dog food was donated by her fans who are from Busan & Ilsan.

Rough Trans: Brainy

Gong Seungyeon & Seo KangJun from #AreYouHumanToo to promote KBS 2018 Russia World Cup & team SPOT South Korea Russia World Cup with KBS

TWICE Jeongyeon mentioned Gong Seung Yeon during VLIVE V LIVE – 호텔 와이파이로 바꿈🤟
They talked about Yoo Sisters matching necklace & clothes

정연과 지효의 너무나 다른 세자매 이야기 (TWICE Jeongyeon & Jihyo)

JH: Show me your necklace, Jeongyeon
JY: This? Seungyeon gave me this for New Year’s gift. The matching necklace for girls. Three sisters and mom.
JH: It’s cool to have a big sister.

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