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Gong Seung Yeon “Crazy About Beauty” successfully finished Beauty Class.
(서울=뉴스1) 황지혜 기자 | 2017-06-30 09:36 송고

Translated by Brainy @ GomSeungYeon
Take it with full credit

At the end of the event, Gong Seon Yeon, the exclusive model of Neobelle, the Ildong Aesthetics Hyaluronic Acid Filler, visited and talked with the participants and had a ‘Beauty Talk’ time. On the day of the event, Gong Seon Yeon shared her own tips to be beautiful and talked honestly about her experiences with the theme of “My Crazy Thing To Do To Be Pretty” with the participants.

Gong Seung Yeon also shared how to maintain her beauty with hard schedule for drama shooting, “I filmed the recent drama ‘Circle’ and after shooting outdoors for a long time, I packed cotton pads which absorbed aloe as mask pack, so it calmed the skin that has been exposed to ultraviolet rays.”

[News1] ‘Beauty and fashion’ news report –

공승연과 함께하는 네오벨 뷰티클래스 via ja00700

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Gong Seung Yeon Arrival at CIRCLE Wrap-up Party

Posted by admin on
June 28th, 2017

First image of Gong Seung Yeon arrival at CIRCLE wrap-up party held in Yeouido, Seoul

공승연, 종방연 참석 “‘써클’ 끝나서 아쉬워..행복했다”
2017.06.28 19:16

[OSEN=김나희 기자] 배우 공승연이 ‘써클’ 종영 소감을 밝혔다.

공승연은 28일 서울 영등포구 여의도동 모처에서 열린 tvN 월화드라마 ‘써클: 이어진 두 세계'(극본 김진희 유혜미 류문상 박은미/ 연출 민진기/ 이하 써클) 종방연에 참석해 “빨리 끝나서 너무 아쉽다”라고 말문을 열었다.

그는 이어 “‘써클’을 촬영하는 동안 정말 행복했다. 많은 사랑을 보내주셔서 감사드린다”고 인사하며 소감을 마무리했다.

한편 공승연은 지난 27일 종영한 ‘써클’에서 별과 한정연 역을 맡아 열연을 펼쳤다. 특히 그는 ‘파트1: 베타 프로젝트’와 ‘파트2: 멋진 신세계’를 넘나들며 이전보다 한층 다채로워진 연기력을 자랑해 “인생 캐릭터를 만났다”는 호평을 받았다. /

Source: OSEN

공승연-유영-정인선, ‘써클’ 미녀삼총사 여의도에 떴다 (‘써클’ 종방연) via sportseoul

All video coverage can be view here

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CIRCLE Final Round

Posted by admin on
June 27th, 2017

[단독] <써클> 최종회 맞이! 남김없이 외장 하드 탈탈 털어드립니다★(ft.스포 한스푼)
2017.06.27. 11:029,461 읽음

이렇게 첫 대본을 함께 보던 날이 얼마전 인 것만 같은데
어찌 이렇게 6주가 휘리릭 ~ 순삭되었단 말입니까!

혹여 스포가 될까봐 꽁꽁 숨기고 있던
<써클 : 이어진 두 세계>가 오늘 밤 10시 50분 최종회 를 앞두고
외장하드 폴더 남김 없이 몽땅 탈탈 털어드립니다 ~

See the recap from Behind the scene & still images of Final episode here

UPDATE: We added them all to our gallery

BEAUTY+ 2017년 7월호

Translated by Brainy @ GomSeungYeon
Take it with full credit

The past and future, the actress is living in two different spaces. The real face of Gong Seung Yeon, who accumulates her filmography across the strange boundaries of purity of a girl and a cool headed “Bluebird”.

“I love pink the most! I don’t usually wear make-up, but I will certainly put on a pink lipstick.” When we met in person, Gong Seung Yeon who took off her character in the drama, was pure, lively and fresh 20’s girl who said she still loves pink.

She only slept an hour because of her latest shooting schedule “CIRCLE: TWO CONNECTED WORLDS”, but we couldn’t find a single tiredness from her face. While she was preparing for the photo shoot, Gong Seung Yeon greeted all the staffs and conversed with them naturally as if she had known them for a long time.

As with her peers, she likes chatting and posting proof-shot that she ate chicken. She is also a good girl (matured) who is preparing to move out because now or never she may not have more time to live with parents. Respectively, she said that she would like to show more faces. She already decided on a new drama by KBS2 “Are You Human Too?”

“Recently, I am shooting almost live now. I will have 2 months break time for sure after the next drama. Haha! But I am happy and thankful that I am busy now.” (To Manager, please keep the promises) “CIRCLE: TWO CONNECTED WORLDS” will remain as a special memory for Gong Seung Yeon in many ways because she acted as much as she likes in three different characters, past, present and future.

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