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Marie Claire Korea Instagram Update

Posted by admin on
April 9th, 2018

Gong Seung Yeon New GRAZIA Interview

Posted by admin on
April 6th, 2018

“The Way I Am, I Love It”

TRANSLATION by @GSYintl & Brainy
Takeout with full credit

Q: Wow! It’s the third shooting with Grazia! and this time, you are the cover story queen now!
A: I have deep connection with Grazia. I did my first interview with Grazia and I’m honored that I have magazine cover shooting for the first time!

Q: How was your shooting today?
A: I took it comfortably in a cozy atmosphere. Beauty photography that expresses emotions and facial expressions is easier than fashion photography.

Q: What is the difference when comparing three years ago and now?
A: It was true I was a bit nervous when I just started my activity. In the meantime, it seems I have grown as much as the acting through many works. Of course, the burden has also increased. I just feel so good right now

Q: You finished shooting “Are You Human Too?” scheduled to be broadcasted in June. It’s your first lead role on regular tv broadcast, right?
A: Right. I interviewed last year, and since then, I have been shooting and last year . Last year was a busy year. AYHT, the shooting schedule was quite packed and busy. As my part got bigger because I was lead role, I had lots of burden and responsibility. I wondered if I would be able to make it. But eventually I did and it was meaningful because it surpassed my limitation. I learnt how to focus on acting.

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Grazia had questions Gong Seung Yeon and required 5 letters on answering each questions.

Q1: Feeling about first main shot of magazine?
A: I loved it! …. it was first time… aheeeing.. it’s too long
Q2: What do you do in the evening?
A: Having dinner … I became a fool.. hold on.. I’m trying.
Q3: Fashion VS beauty?
A: Beauty (cosmetics) is best
Q4: got into…??
A: It’s… interior
Q5: Before the bed time… what?
A: I put on Intral on my face. Pink Intral.
prepared by GSYintl – translated by Brainy

Marie Claire Korea Instagram April 2018 Preview

Posted by admin on
March 26th, 2018

The New Face

비현실적으로 투명한 피부와 밝은 갈색 눈동자에 화려한 입술 색이 더해진 공승연의 낯선 얼굴.

리퀴드 파운데이션과 톤업 크림을 섞어 피부를 투명하고 화사하게 연출했다. 그런 다음 피치 코럴 컬러 아이섀도를 눈두덩과 아랫눈썹 라인에 연하게 펴 바르고, 뷰러로 속눈썹을 바짝 올린 뒤 마스카라로 한 올 한 올 깨끗하게 발랐다. 입술은 입생로랑 따뚜아쥬 꾸뛰르 #루쥬 따뚜아쥬 컬러로 선명하게 물들였다.

눈두덩에 음영 아이섀도를 넓게 펴 바르고, 입술에는 매트한 제형의 슈에무라 스프링 마뜨 로즈 컬렉션 #마젠타 로즈를 꽉 채워 발랐다.

따뜻한 느낌의 오렌지색 아이섀도를 쌍꺼풀과 아랫눈썹 라인에 얇게 발랐다. 입술은 클리오 루즈힐 #헤이 써니를 바른 것.

코럴 피치 컬러 아이섀도에 브라운 컬러 아이섀도를 섞어 눈두덩에 발라 음영감을 주고 속눈썹은 마스카라를 두세 번 덧발라 풍성하게 연출했다. 입술은 밝은 오렌지색의 입생로랑 따뚜아쥬 꾸뛰르 #크레이지 탠저린을 바른 뒤 형광빛이 도는 주황색 파우더를 덧발랐다.

음영 아이섀도를 눈두덩과 아랫눈썹 라인에 보일 듯 말 듯 연하게 펴 바르고, 피치 코럴 컬러 블러셔를 브러시에 묻혀 볼에 둥글리듯이 발랐다. 입술은 클리오 루즈힐 #딥 브랜디로 붉게 물들였다.

Ⓒ MARIECLAIREKOREA 사전동의 없이 본 콘텐츠의 무단 도용, 전재 및 복제, 배포를 금합니다.
연관 검색어
공승연, 슈에무라, 입생로랑, 클리오

editor 조 은선
photography 김 외밀
hair 최 은영
styling 김 신애
makeup 정 은경
assistant 정 아련
reference 2018년 4월호

Source: Marie Claire Korea

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